Equinix helps networks monetize interconnection opportunities

In the future

  • Mobile traffic is expected to double every year
  • Video and real-time applications will grow by five times
  • Internet traffic will quadruple

These gains will bring tremendous revenue opportunities to your business—but only if you dramatically improve your networked data center infrastructure through interconnection.

The Platform Equinix™ interconnection platform offers carrier-neutral International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers globally, which gives you cost-effective locations to implement infrastructure once, and then interconnect quickly and efficiently to multiple customers.

Equinix works for every business

Platform Equinix is the global foundation for a broad range of industries



Cloud service providers rely on Equinix

With Platform Equinix, cloud service providers can interconnect locally to customers, partners and employees while expanding globally to deliver critical cloud services to enterprises everywhere.

Interconnection is vital to superior cloud performance, which is why more than 2,750 cloud and IT service providers around the world depend on us.



Financial services firms bank on Equinix

Our secure IBX data centers connect and protect the critical digital assets of global financial services firms in the world’s top financial centers.

We are a neutral meeting ground. Hundreds of participants in the capital markets, insurance and electronic payment industries colocate their critical systems inside Equinix, speeding the operation of countless processes and workloads.

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